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Lucky Acorn

December 11th, 2008 . by admin

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The Vikings had begun to identify oak trees with Thor, the god who used his giant anvil and hammer to produce thunder and lightning, a long time before they started traveling around the world in their long-boats. They felt that the tree was sacred to Thor as the tree attracted lightning. In addition, they believed that even when the gods were angry, the acorn, which was the fruit of the tree, was always pardoned. They then started to place acorns on their window sills, so that their houses would be protected.

The Vikings made one of their first stops at the British Isles when they began to travel the world. Once they were there, they were pleasantly surprised to realize that the mystifying Druids also placed a tremendous amount of faith in the acorn’s luck. The Druids, however, believed in a different kind of luck. They idolized the oak as a symbol of strength and long life, and wore amulets of acorns around their necks to draw the strength to themselves.

In present times, people generally put genuine or wooden imitations of acorns near windows or hang them from their window-shades to bring luck to the house.

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