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Bamboo Luck

October 30th, 2008 . by admin

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In the east, bamboo is always considered as a lucky plant and make a great gift to anyone. Feng Shui experts believe that bamboo is lucky because it has all five elements to make you lucky.

  • Wood : the plant itself
  • Earth : what holds the plant
  • Water : water used to keep the plant alive
  • Fire : red color used to decorate the plant
  • Metal : a coin that sits at the base of the plant

In Indian, people use a piece of bamboo with 7 knots as an ingredient to make a strong talisman to bring power and wisdom. First two circles with triangles are drawn on the talisman and then the seven-knotted bamboo is placed across it. A representation of snake is then placed at right angle to the bamboo. The circles is the sign for eternity and the triangles stands for the Hindu Trinity (Brahma, the creator; Vishu, the protector; and Silva, the destroyer). The snake represent wisdom and the bamboo represent the seven degree of learning in the fundation of Hindu religion.


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