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Dream And Money

August 29th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Dreams are mirrors of our minds, especially our subconscious mind. Our dreams tells about our deep rooted desire for money and riches, as well as aversion to poverty.

  • Coins : Dream about gold coins symbolized prosperity. Dreaming about silver coins foretell trouble coming your way. Dreaming about copper coins warn us about physical difficulties.
  • Gold : If you dream about yourself receiving gold, money will soon come to you. If you are a woman and dream about receiving jewellery, you may soon marry into a wealthy family. If you dream about loosing gold, one of your golden opportunities will slip by you.
  • Inheritance : If you dream about receiving inheritance, it means that you will reach your goal soon.
  • Jewellery : If you dream about sparking jewellery or dream about wearing them, it is a good omen. If the jewellery is broken, your goals may be delayed. If you dream about inherit jewels, you will gain through unconventional means.
  • Money : A dream about finding money means your little problems will soon disappear and you will be happier. If you dream about saving money, it is a good omen. If you dream about giving money, there may be a mishap. But if you dream about stealing money, some kind of danger may come to you.
  • Riches : This is a good sign meaning you will gain wealth though hard work.
  • Silver : If you dream about finding a silver coin, you are judgemental of other people and hasty in making decision. If you dream about a silverware, you are unhappy with your ongoing projects.
  • Yellow : If you dream about yellow clothing, it means you are in good financial status. But if the yellow clothing are in fading light, it means the reverse.

A true story

I know of a man who dream about many people giving him money. His wife was so happy that she told everyone that her husband is getting rich soon. A few weeks later, the man met a car accident and died. During his funeral, his friends and relatives came to his wake and give them some money. His dream of receiving money from many people came true. Perhaps dreaming of money is not so auspicious after all.

4 Responses to “Dream And Money”

  1. comment number 1 by: TEODORA S. TENORIO

    I dream that my friend ask me to keep so much money and after next day was gone

  2. comment number 2 by: Morpheus Blaze

    I dreamed that I was looking through something like a cd music book to find a particular artist and just when I feel I’m getting close to finding the artist I was looking for I find like 4 or 5 $10 bills with George Washington and free mason symbolism on it.

    It was actually a pretty long dream that kept changing scenes. I remember I was looking through something like a cd book in a crowded room with a pool table table in it and one of the people that was playing pool was this guy I currently know and feel is really mentally ill and annoying as hell and thought was straight. Well in my dream he was dressed in drag in front of everybody and playing pool with some guy I don’t recognize. The crowd was watching the drag queen guy I knew play pool and I felt they were a little uneasy.So in an effort to ease the tension in the room I look for some music to play by one of my favorite rap artist Mystikal.

    I first started looking for the cd with 2 other people both were female. One girl was someone I just met that challenged me or I challenged her in pool which is why I ended up going into the crowed pool room in the first place. The other person I was looking through the cd book with was some girl that I felt I knew but I can’t remember who she was. Well then the scene suddenly changes to some park like environment and I was sitting on a concrete bench with a concrete table looking through the cd book. The girl I just met that I was going to shoot pool with was sitting across from and the girl I felt I knew was sitting next to me. I continue looking for the cd and I end up finding 4 or 5 $10 bills with George Washington and some free masonry symbolism on them and I remember seeing the number 91,000 or 91,000,00 on them as well.

    I was trying to hide and count the money because I was going to keep the money for myself so I was trying to hold my composure.In the process of counting the money, the girl I felt I knew that was sitting next to me saw that I had found some money and wanted some. I didn’t want to give her any of the money at first but she got a little with her demand for money if front of the girl I just met that was sitting across from who I didn’t want to share the money with the girl I just met either. So in an effort to keep the girl I felt I knew quiet I gave her one of the $10 bills. She demanded more but I made it known to her that I wasn’t going to give her any more money. For some reason I felt compelled to look at the money because it was strange to find a $10 bill with George Washington, free mason symbolism and a building that I thought was some kind of federal building in the background on it. Even though I’ve always known George Washington was said to have been a free mason and I always felt there was some free mason symbolism on money anyway. The strange thing is, I feel like I was thinking about all of this stuff while in the dream and I was actually trying to remember the things that I saw on the one of the $10 bills so when I wake up I could research what the dream meant.

    I now feel I was so in a rush to wake up and research why I had this strange dream that I ended the dream short just so I could wake up and research what the dream meant but in doing so when I actually woke up I forgot some of the details that I saw on the $10 bill.

    So here I am…. researching what the dream meant. If you have any idea what you think it meant please feel free to let me know ASAP!!

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  4. comment number 4 by: KrisBelucci

    Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.

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