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Death Comes To All

August 15th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Yesterday, my uncle passed away. As I see him lying motionless in the coffin, suddenly I realise that death is the definite thing that comes to all living things. I know that death comes to all but I always think that death will happens to others but not people around me. How foolish of me?

As my uncle lies there, I notice that he is no different from the coffin, the tables and the chairs in the room. My uncle is lifeless. Like a electrical television that was turned on previously and response to the remote control you pressed, now the television is suddenly unplugged and looked like the rest of the furniture in your house. The dead is no different from a unplugged electrical appliance.


Living beings are said to have souls. The Taoists beleive that every human has 3 souls. Loosing any one of the souls will make the person insane and loosing all the three souls will declare the person dead. When a person passed away, one soul will reside in the grave, the other one will reside in the house while the third one is allowed to wonder about.

The Buddhists believe that all living beings have souls. The plants has one soul, the soul of life. The animals are said to have two souls; the soul of life and the soul of feeling. Humans on the other hand, have 3 souls; the soul of life, the soul of feeling and the soul of wisdom. Perhaps the reason for not killing animals and humans in Buddhism may be because both human and animals have the soul of feeling and therefore will suffer in pain when being killed.

The Christians also believe that there is a soul in every human and the Devil likes collecting human souls.

Death Comes In Waves

I live in a city and when I see one funeral, I am bounded to see another funeral soon in close distance. There are times when there is no funeral, you cannot find one anywhere at all. It seems that death comes in waves.

Yesterday, I confirmed this findings with the undertakers in my uncle’s funeral. They too found that death seems to swipe through one region at a time, like a wave. They joked that the God Of Death ride a carriage and where ever He goes, he scoopes up the souls of those whose death is near. Then He leaves the region and goes elsewhere to fulfill His duties.

Some Chinese believes that any dying person who is suppose to die, will not live beyond any of the 4 major festivals. If they live beyond this major festival, the next obstacle will be the next festival. The 4 major festivals are dummping festival, hungry ghost festival, moon cake festival and Dong Ji.


You cannot be sure you will be rich. You cannot be 100% sure your job will be the same forever. But one thing for sure in the changing world is that death will comes to you one day.

We must learn to value and enjoy everything we have now. We need to learn about what is really important in our life and put more time in them. Instead of keep thinking about tomorrow, we need to think about living today as if it is the last day of our life.

Live today. Learn to enjoy every bit of today now.

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