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Fastest and sure way to success

October 29th, 2007 . by admin

Read to me :

Many people thinks that the fastest way to wealth and success is by striking lottery, marrying a rich husband/wife or inherit a big fortune. Although these ways are very fast, what are the chances it will happen to you?

Wishing for something else is the mind set of almost everyone. If I had a few thousands of dollars, then I can grow it into a million dollar. If I had a good boss, then I can get promoted faster. If my parents are rich, then I will be rich. But how true are these "if". If I had a few thousands dollar, I may spend it instead of investing it. If I had a good boss, I may be lazier and never get promoted. If I had rich parents, I may grow up to be a useless rich guy who will used up the family fortune. So is it good to have all that you wish for? I once read about a rich stock broker says that if he had not become rich in stock market, he would not have womanized so much until he divorce his wife and break up his family. He lose his family after he gain his wealth.

Another fast way to riches is
Do the best with whatever you have, wherever you are, every moment of your life.

Imagine you try to improve whatever you have by 10% every month. You improve your bank saving by 10%. You improve your income by 10%. You improve your knowledge by 10%. In a year, you will be 120% better than a year ago. Imagine the speed of improvement when you improve whatever you have by 10% every day or every week.

Learning to make the best use of whatever you have and improve your situation by 10% will bring more result than just hoping that things will be fine soon. You may be a nurse. Why not use your medical knowledge to earn you more money? You may be a technician. Why not help others to repair stuff and earn some money? Remember that not everyone in this world has the knowledge that you have, the skills that you own. People are willing to pay for your service.

One of the millionaires, Randy Gauge mentioned that if he had known this rule sooner in his life, he would have become a millionaire faster.

Apply this golden rule in your life and you will see success soon.

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