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Horseshoe Luck

June 12th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Since the Middle Ages, horseshoes have been hanged on the door to prevent luck from running out. Bad luck will be trapped within the circle formed by the horseshoe. When you hang the horseshoe on your main door, you must hang the horseshoe with the points pointing upwards.

It is also believed that the horseshoe hanged onto the door also prevent the entering of evil into the house. Evil can’t cross the opening of the horseshoe because it is said that although Satan and his minions are capable of flying through open windows, they are terrified of iron. The cresent shape of a horseshoe makes it even more lucky.

People in the Middle Ages also uses horseshoes to keep away illnesses. They buried horseshoes in the roots of an ash tree. Ash trees are considered to be the luckiest of all trees. The Greek and Romans nailed horseshoes onto their walls to protect them from plagues.

 Fishermen along the east coast of England often nailed horseshoes to the mast of their boats to ensure lucky catches. Even one of the most successful sailors, Admiral Lord Nelson, had one horseshoe nailed to the mast of his flagship when he went to war with Spanish and French fleet. Although Lord Nelson was killed in the battle but his fleet was victorious and the British empire was saved. So do you think the horseshoe bring luck to Lord Nelson?

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