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God And Luck

May 7th, 2008 . by admin

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Does God gives you luck?

People who believe in God, also believe that all blessings are given by God himself.
 The Christians believe that God is the one who creates everything on earth including blessings. The Taoists and the Hindus have Gods that are in charge of distributing wealth, fame and even babies through earthly realm.

How come I do not get the blessings?

Since God is going around distributing blessings, why some people got the blessing while others do not? There are people who get big cars and big houses while others live in poverty. There are people who get promotion, win lottery and even get whatever they wish for while other do not.

All of us pray the same way. All of us offer the same items to God. Then how come only some of us receive the blessing?

God Gives Blessings Indirectly

God stays in the spiritual realm. The realm that is formless. If He wants to create blessing for you, He need to make the blessing into the physical form. For example, if you are drowning in the sea and God wants to save you, God will not split open the sea to save you. Instead, He will send some boats to pass by you in order to save you.

In the same way, if God wants you to have riches, He will not throw cash right at your face. Instead, God will send people to you to give you money like your boss, your bank or even the stock market.

God always will give you same blessings in different ways that you can hardly imagine. In most cases, God hardly give you what you want in a direct manner.

What God Can Do For You Is What He Can Do Through You

Since God hardly give you things directly, it is up to you to look for what God has given you.

For example, God let man have knives and swords but it is up to man to learn how to use it. The cook use knives to cut up food. The bandits use knives and swords to rob people. The kings use them to conquer other countries.

In ancient China, there was a family that have a recipe for making a kind of water-proof cream that prevent frost bites during winter. Therefore the family could continue their labour in the field even in the winter. One day, a businessman came along and bought the recipe for 100 pieces of gold. The family were so happy for they had not seen so much money in their life. The  businessman took the recipe and presented it to the King of Wu. The king made use of this cream  on his soldiers. The king then ordered the soldiers to conquer a neighbouring state in winter time and won the battle easily because only his soldiers were protected from frost bite but the enemy soldiers were not. After the war, the businessman was rewarded with houses and lands.

The story shows that a simple recipe in the hands of different people creates different outcome. If the recipe was given to the family as a blessing, it is the businessman and the king who make the best use of it.

God can give many blessings but it is up to you to spot them and make the best use of these blessings to your advantage. What God can do for you is what he can do through you.

Learn to spot your blessings and make the best use of them. You will feel you are so lucky.


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