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April 9th, 2008 . by admin

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I receive some feedback from readers asking how to improve luck. One reader mentions that he has been in bad luck for some time and wanted to know how to improve his luck.

In fact, all of us, including me, are trying to improve our luck. Some of us may not believe in luck and call this as improving life. Whether you are improving your life or improving your luck, they are very much the same.

I spend many years seeking the technique to improve luck, to ward off bad luck and to get rich. Since my childhood years, I have been wondering why things are the way they are. Why I am not born rich? Why do I need to suffer in school and work? Why some people are born so rich and why some people are born handicapped? Why some people died young, some people died sick and a small number of people died peacefully?

Why? Why? Why? Frankly, until today, I am still seeking the answer.

My Theory Of Luck

Everyone’s luck fluctuate day to day. Some days are good luck days. Some days are normal days when nothing is happening. Other days are bad luck days when nothing goes right.

In my opinion, no matter how good or bad your luck is, your luck fluctuate about a center line. If you plot your luck on a graph, your luck graph will look like this.

Everyone’s luck goes up and down about a center line. Some people call this center line as fate or destiny. Others label this line as their karma for this life.

The position or value of the center line varies for different people. The lucky people will have higher values for their center lines. The unlucky ones will have a lower value for their center line. This value does not depend on the wealth of the person. There are lucky people among the poor and middle class, just as there are unlucky people in the rich and upper class.

The chart shows that the number of cycles above the center line will always be the same as the number of cycles below the center line. For a lucky person whose luck cycle fluctuate about a large positive value, this person may experience little misfortune because the down cycles do not drop to very low value. In the same manner, an unlucky person may have a low value for his center line and never experience very big blessing because his up cycles never hit a high value. There are also people whose luck chart always fluctuate in the positive or negative region only.

People use many methods to calculate the value of this center line. Below are some of the methods used.

  • Palmistry
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • ZiWei

The degree of fluctuation also varies from person to person. Some people’s luck never change much throughout their life and will have a flat luck chart. Others may have big ups and downs in their life, thereby creating a noisy luck chart. Most of us have different level of fluctuations in different period of our life.

 The good news is that the center line is not fixed but can varies up or down. In the next few articles, we will discuss how we can move this center line upwards.

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