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Wishing Well

April 3rd, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Everyone who passes a fountain or a wishing well, will always toss a coin into the water for good luck. This tradition started in ancient Greeks. The ancient Greeks believe that by giving gifts of money to the gods living in the well, the well will not dry up. Those who live by the sea, also present gifts of money to the gods living in the sea. They believe that by doing so, the gods will be happy and will not destroy their boats.

To make your wish come true through the wishing well, you need to look at your reflection in the water first before you make a wish and then throw the coin into the wishing well. You also need to remember that in some places like Rome, the gods in the well only accept no less than 3 coins to fulfill your wish.

Many people also believe that carrying a coin made in your year of birth, will bring you luck. If you cannot find such a coin, a coin made in a leap year, will also bring you luck.

You can keep jar of coins in your kitchen or feng shui wealth corner of your house to attract more wealth and luck into your house. In feng shui,  if you hide this jar in the cupboard, it will bring you treasures and fortunes.

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