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Final Step : Take action

January 12th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Step 1 : How to know what you really what?

Step 2: How to make your desire very attractive?

Step 3 : How to make your goal reachable?

Step 4 : How to fill yourself with the energy to get what you want?

Step 5 : How to remove obstacles in your path to get what you want?

Final Step

Now that you have done step one to five. You know what you want. Your goal is so attractive to you. You have a plan of mini steps to take to reach the goal. So what is the final step?

The final step is to do it. Action is what that create the world. If God just think about creating the world, do you think the world exist?

You must take at least one mini step everyday towards your goal. The reason why you create mini steps of 15 minutes or less,  is to let yourself feel comfortable about taking one step at a time. If you do one step per day, you will have done 30 steps in a month. You are 30 steps closer to your goal. You can do more steps on days when you are more motivated but you need to do at least one mini step per day.

You also need to review your plan weekly or monthly. This review will bring you more insight of where you are now and where you are heading. You need to make adjustment if you are moving in the wrong direction. This review is critical to whether you can achieve your goal or not.

Good luck to whatever you want to achieve. Let’s make this year different from your last year. Let’s make your goals a reality.

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