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Step 5 : How to remove obstacles in your path to get what you want?

January 11th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Step 1 : How to know what you really what?

Step 2: How to make your desire very attractive?

Step 3 : How to make your goal reachable?

Step 4 : How to fill yourself with the energy to get what you want?

Step 5 : How to remove obstacles in your path to get what you want?

Final Step

If there is no obstacle in life, then life will not be fun. Obstacles are there to make your life fun. If you think about obstacles are there to spice up your life, you will be happier and feel more control over your life. Anyway, the obstacles will be there whether you get angry at it or just laugh at it.

The Greatest Obstacle

You, yourself are the greatest obstacle. If you are not motivated to achieve your goal, you will never make it. Make sure the goal is what you want and not what others want for you. Don’t include goals that your boy friend, girl friend, family or parents want you to do. You must do a goal you want for yourself.

Tap your way to your goal

Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to remove unwanted emotions about achieving the goal or doing that mini step. You can download a free ebook on how to do the EFT at the following address. (basic EFT) (more advance EFT)

EFT also help you to remove mental obstacles such as you don’t deserved the goal or you have a fear of change. The reason why people always do the same things is because there are some advantages in doing it. One possible advantage for being poor may be you hate rich people or you have a fear of success/failure. One possible advantage of being fat is you don’t like party or you fear of change (changing your wardrobe, changing your life style).

Only when you feel good about your goal, you are unstoppable.

Ask those who have achieved it

When you find yourself stuck, it is good to ask someone who has achieve the same goal. Don" ask someone who label themselves an expert but they never achieve the goal you want to achieve. Don’t ask an weight lost expert who is fat himself. Don’t ask which car to buy from a person who don’ have driving licence. Search the forum in the internet for advice.

Ask God

When no one can help you, God can. Napoleon Hill, the famous author of "Think and Grow Rich" mentioned that many successful people have very strong religious background. When these rich and successful people meet with obstacles, they turn to God for strength and solution. Have faith in God. Don’t expect immediate result. God has so many people to take care of so your answer may come a bit later.

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