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Step 1 : How to know what you really what?

January 7th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Step 1 : How to know what you really what?

Step 2: How to make your desire very attractive?

Step 3 : How to make your goal reachable?

Step 4 : How to fill yourself with the energy to get what you want?

Step 5 : How to remove obstacles in your path to get what you want?

Final Step

If you get into a car and you are not sure where you wan to go, the result is that you will get no where. Any place can be your destination.

In the same way, you need to define what you want for this year. You need to set a goal for yourself. Don’t include goals that others want you to achieve.

So what do you really really want? There are two ways to set your goals if you don’t know how.

Genie Method

Imagine a genie (or even a god or a rich man) wants you to have one wish because you save his life. What will you wish for? Be practical. Wish for something for yourself even though you can wish for world peace.

100th Birthday Method

Imagine today is your 100th year old birthday. There are reporters from big newspapers and magazines from all over the world, taking photos of you. One reporter asks you "what is the greatest achievement in your life?" What will you say? By answering this question, you will know what is valuable in your life.

If you ask elderly people or dying people about their regrets in life, many of them will tell you about regrets of things they never do. Not things they have done but things they never get around to do it.

Life is too short to have regrets. Do something today.


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