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Happiness Method 04

December 24th, 2007 . by admin

Read to me :

There are many ways to be happy. Seeking happiness is the goal in everyone mind. Whatever you do is to make yourself happy. Even if you do something to please someone else, eventually the happiness of that person also cause you to be happy.

Sadness is in the mind. When you are sad, no matter how many happy events happening around you, will ever make you happy. Even the good food is tasteless when you feel sad.

Happiness is also in the mind. With so many holidays like Christmas coming your way, are you happier? Even the same job problems does not affect you so much. Even your boss looks friendlier. Even your kids looks more obedient. You life looks better when your mind is happier.

Always have happy thoughts in your mind. If you cannot keep happy thought in your mind, at least do it at the beginning and the end of each day. Feeling happy at the start of your day will increase your chance of being happy the whole day. Being happy at the end of the day will help you sleep well tonight. The quality of your sleep will again affect your happiness tomorrow.

What are the ways to be happy?

  • Keep a collection of happy moments. Keep hand written recording and photos of happy moments in your life each day. Keep everything in one place. Look through them every time you need happiness.
  • Listen to happy music. Forget about what you heard on the radio. The words in many songs are sad. Listening to these songs a hundred times will make you even more sad. It seems like the words hypnotize you into feeling sad. Collect those songs that make you feel happy. Music without lyrics seems more suited for this purpose. Play these music while you are going to work and after your work.
  • Watch happy movies. What you watch determines how happy you are. Watching the news or crime watch make you angry and sad. Watching horror films makes you fearful. Always select movies and TV programs that makes you feel happy. Just like songs, movies and TV can hypnotize you.
  • Look for things that make you happy. In the internet age, you can always find tons of things to laugh about in the websites. Below are some video that will make you happy.
  • Stay with happy people. Just as words from songs, movies and TV programs can affect you, words from people can also affect you. Always discuss positive and happy things with people around you. Even when talking about bad events, you can always talk about the good part of it like "It is lucky that everyone is fine". Stay away from people who are always complaining to you. Make friends with happy people who discuss happy events in life. These kind of happy people are hard to find. In life, likes attract. Happy people are attracted to happy people. To attract happy people in your life, you first must be happy.

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