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Astrology And Your Health

November 15th, 2007 . by admin

Read to me :

If you ever had your horoscope compiled by a astrologer, look at the eighth house of your chart. If this eighth house of the total of 12 houses contain the following signs, please take note of the following possible health problems.

Aquarius : fever, asthma, delirium, heart ailments

Pisces : elephantitis, accidents and complaints relating to water

Aries : fever, indesgtion, gastric problem

Taurus : throat and lungs problems, injury from weapons

Gemini : stomach uclers, kidney problem, lungs disease

Cancer : meningitis, liver or kidney problem, gastric problem

Leo : boils, fever, animal bites

Virgo : sexual disease, fall

Libra : fever, typhoid, meningitis, malaria, brain disease

Scorpio : liver and kidney problem, anaemia or dysentry

Sagittarius : weapon injury, fall, accidents relating to water

Capricorn : brain disease

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