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Happiness Method 03

November 8th, 2007 . by admin

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Human are smart emotional beings. It is these emotions that govern our actions. Many times, we are feeling bad emotions too much to feel happy. We may feel worry about our job so much that we cannot feel the happiness our family, our friends and even our pets brings us. Many of us only continuous to bottle up these negative feelings.

So intense is our negative feeling that we cannot feel happy at all most of the time. In this method, you will learn how to get rid of these negative feelings so that you are calm and ready to experience happiness that everything in your life will bring you.

The method is called The Sedona Method. It was invented by Lester Levenson. Lester was dying from illnesses. He uses this simple method and live for another 42 years.

Sedona Method

  • Think of the event or person creating a negative feeling in you. You may be angry at a person, worry about your project, or even fear about going to a meeting.
  • Ask yourself 3 questions
    • Could you let go of the feeling?
    • Would you let go of that feeling?
    • When would you let go of the feeling?
  • Answer each of the 3 questions sincerely. Don’t do any reasoning. Don’t give excuses. Just answer.
  • When you answer the question. See, feel or hear negative emotion energy raising from your head, heart, shoulder or body. Feel relieved and relax as the emotion is released.
  • You may do the releasing a few times to totally remove your negative emotion.

This Sedona method is very powerful. If you want to learn more, you can read the book "The Sedona method : your key to lasting happiness, success, peace and emotional well-being" by "Dwoskin, Hale".

Below are some video of the author explaining the Sedona method in curing some of the common emotions. You can find other video about Sedona in


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