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Spirit Of House

June 24th, 2010 . by admin

Read to me :

Domovik is a spirit which many people in Russia believe inhabits their home. It is commonly regarded as the ghost of the family’s ancestor and is perceived as one who provides protection and brings good luck. He is always referred to as "Grandfather" or just "He" and is characterized by a bearded old man. People consider it bad luck to give a domovik a proper name.

The spirit resides in the kitchen, behind the stove. When a family moves into a new house, they will first move fire from the old stove in order to make the domovik feel welcome in his new surroundings. Besides blessing the family with good luck, the domovik will also help out with household chores. Although he is generally an amiable spirit, he can have quite a temper. When he becomes displeased, he is known for making disturbing noises and even rearranging furniture at times.  Some domoviks are known to have such nasty tempers that some have displayed their extreme displeasure by setting fire to the house.


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