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Pair Of Lucky Hands

May 27th, 2010 . by admin

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Charms in the shape of human hands symbolize good luck in just about every Mediterranean country. In Muslim countries, the hand is created with the thumb and fingers outstretched in order to honor Fatima, prophet Mohammed’s favorite daughter. Only three women were considered worthy of entering heaven and Fatima was one of them. The prophet is represented by the thumb, while Fatima is represented by the first finger. The middle finger represents her husband, and the remaining two are symbolic of her sons. Lucky amulets in the shape of a fist with the thumb tucked under the fingers were worn by the ancient Etruscans and Greeks. Other charms showing the extended index finger were believed to be able to provide protection against the evil eye.

Sometimes people believe that a simple hand gesture has the ability to bring good luck or help to fend off bad luck. In most Christian churches, ministers bless worshipers with the age-old sign of the benediction, whereby the minister’s first and second fingers outstretched and the rest of the fingers closed over the palm. In many countries, people use the hand gesture known as the "devil’s horn" to thwart the evil eye. This is especially so in Italy, where people clench their fists while leaving the index and little fingers outstretched to symbolize the "devil’s horn".

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