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Sew Your Way To Good Luck

April 29th, 2010 . by admin

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Traditions of luck related to sewing dated back to the Middle Ages. Until today, they are followed by tailors, seamstresses and women who sew clothes for their family members. It is an age old belief that dropping a needle by accident bodes good fortune. However, you are not so lucky if you drop a pair of scissors, as it is believed that this event is an ominous sign, unless you remember to step on them before retrieving them from the floor. Leaving a pair of scissors open on the table, thus forming a cross is also considered bad luck.

There are also other beliefs linked to sewing.  For example, those who start work on a piece of clothing on Friday need to finish their task by sunset, failing means misfortune will befall them. Likewise, it is considered bad luck to sew on Sundays.

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