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Feng Shui White Color

September 24th, 2009 . by admin

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White is deemed as having uttermost wholeness among all colors. It is almost immaculate and absolute. In spite of that, in some cultures, like in China and for ages in Europe, white signified sorrow and the end of life. It is still conceived that demise comes before existence or that existence is a component of that after life and in a manner, every birth is a resurrection.

Because of the fact that white holds favorable connotations, it is incorporated in inaugural commemorations. White means purity and honor, everlasting enlightenment, complete veracity, triumph, the absolute metamorphosis and long lasting dignity. Several people hold the view that white represents entirety and soundness, the paragon, and elegance. Similar to that in the West, perfect white is related to purity and celibacy.

White offsets the effects of all other colors and is immaculate. While selecting white color can suggest an indecisive individual, it can also mean the availability of all prospects.

In feng shui, white is the color designated the west, towards the feng shui element Metal, and illustrates autumn and dusk, and is also emblem of decline.

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