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Feng Shui Green Color

August 27th, 2009 . by admin

Read to me :

Green lies at some place between red and blue, the color of sky. It moderates, promotes a peace of mind and is rejuvenating. The green shades of springtime stimulate faith and the attainment of ambitions. Green provokes the power to create in the one’s mind, encourages emotional understanding of others’ feelings and uplifts the spirit.

Folk story has it that green gives faith and life. It not only activates the intense desire to discover and the mental acquisitiveness because it is the origin of energy, it also alleviates the nervous system, reduces high blood pressure, reinforces personal determination and adds on to serenity and social agreement. Several different shades of green are available, and it is favorable for rooms that should be peaceful. Green is beneficial in encouraging enterprises that engage both the mind and the intellect. Neutral green colors bring recreation, growths, grassy fields and regain of one’s health to the mind.

In feng shui, green is designated the east, the element Wood, springtime, and dawn, and it signifies development and progress.

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