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Feng Shui Blue Color

August 13th, 2009 . by admin

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Blue, being one of the most intense and the least sensual colors, is the medium of veracity, the color of clear, condensed dry air, the color of crystals and diamonds. It is also the color of the sky. Blue illustrates immateriality, social agreement, companionship, concern, hope, optimism, caution and empathy.

Blue is the color that is most lacking in warmth and emotion. It is manifested in the dusk of light. Vincent van Gogh colored trees blue when they appeared in the shadows. Blue gleam is evident in ice and snow in the presence of sunlight, and skin apparently becomes blue when exposed to coldness. Blue is not comforting, soft and warmth.

In the fight between heaven and earth, blue and white contended with red and green, which is depicted in the drawing in which St. George is combating with the dragon. In addition, Mother Mary was clothed in a blue colored coat.

Symbolizing the capability of the mind and spiritual awareness, blue signifies the favorable aspect of creativity and idealistic thoughts.

Historically, indigo blue was the primary color of clothing for the common people in the East.

Light blue tones are the most viable choice for coating walls, because they connote a feeling of being spacious and airy. Dark blue repulses the residents of the house and make them too disconnected.
In feng shui, similar to black, the color blue is designated the north, the element of Water, and represents the dark hours and the cold season of the year.

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