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Feng Shui Black Color

August 6th, 2009 . by admin

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On the whole, black is the color that stands for the end of life, destruction, darkness, the after hours and great respect. As opposed to the anguish of white associated with grief, black symbolizes anguish with despair. Black alludes to slipping into emptiness irreversibly. In addition, black is deemed as giving up being egotistical, self-complacent and materialistic, and staying modest. The view that black brings us face to face with our own character is held by some people.

The first emperor of China overthrew the red Chou Dynasty. Thereafter, he settled upon black as the color for his dynasty. As stated by the control cycle of the five feng shui elements, the color black (Water) puts out the color red (Fire). It was not, until a hundred years later, that the color epitomizing a dynasty was reverted to red.

In feng shui, black is designated north, towards the feng shui element Water, and represents the cold season of the year, the after dark, affluence and prosperity.

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