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Metal Bells

June 25th, 2009 . by admin

Read to me :

In different cultures, the bell has different uses and meanings. It can be used as a musical instrument, or as objects used in rites and rituals. The call of the bell can serve to gather people or to summon the mystical. Because of its ability to call upon the supernatural, the bell has become symbolic for cults in various cultures.

A pole or wooden clapper is used to strike the bell in East Asia. Depending on the sound produced in the process when the bell is struck, it may mean good or ominous news. Bell, when pronounced in Mandarin is a favourite for playing word games because it sounds identical to "success" or "to pass a test".
The feng shui element, Metal, is assigned to the bell for its shape, the sound it makes and the material it is made of. In the field of meditation, the bell can also symbolize both clarity and composure.

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