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Create Money Out Of Water

June 11th, 2009 . by admin

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Water in motion signifies life and energy. It alludes to chi energy akin to a magnet and supply energy for life.

Effervescing water in a domestic pond, being a continual supply of moisture for the atmosphere, removes dust particles in the atmosphere and produces ions in the air with important anions. All of these ions contribute to having healthy body and mental wellness.

The water should move smoothly over the stones and should give out a weak effervescing sound.

These are the guidelines for placing an indoor pond together:
1.    Align the stones and plants in areas where the plants will survive.
2.    Use the cycle of five feng shui elements in deciding the shapes, colors and materials.
3.    Make an attempt at achieving desirable yin/yang equilibrium.
The aforementioned implies that the holder for the pond has to be suitably large for forming a water surface with large enough surface area. In fact, stones and plants should be aligned so as to signify a tiger, dragon, phoenix and turtle in feng shui.

The crucial thing is to have clean water and plants that are growing and in good shape. The mechanical components, such as the pump, lamps and filters, have to be functioning efficiently too. It is advised that only water that is filtered with a charcoal filter should be used to cut down on lime and other unpleasant sediments on the stones, plants and the holder of the pond. 

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    Create Money Out Of Water

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