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Understanding Ying And Yang

June 6th, 2009 . by admin

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All things around us and impacting our lives consist of opposites. Yin and yang also suggest perfect agreement even though they are in contrast with each other. The archaic tai chi sign illustrates the masculine and feminine in the universe. Yin and yang form a complement to and rely upon each other, though no one thing is either yin or yang in essence. The well known yin/yang symbol consists of a black circle in the white part, conversely, a white circle is found in the black part. This demonstrates their interrelationship, in which if either one is non existent, the other cannot exist as well. There would be no yang if there is no yin. Correspondingly, there is no shadow in the absence of light, and there is no motion if rest is lacking.

In feng shui, the equilibrium between yin and yang leads to social agreement and union between human beings and their surroundings. This has desirable effects on the life and destiny of the individual. All the time, yin and yang are in continual motion, implying transition, in which day turns to night and night turns to day.

A suitable equilibrium between yin and yang leads to desirable feng shui. Excessive yang leads to excessive turmoil and hostile behavior, while excessive yin leads to excessive burden and inflexibility. Consistent efforts and being cognizant of the need to change are necessary to achieve appropriate usage of yin and yang. 

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