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Power Of Black Cat

April 20th, 2009 . by admin

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In the belief of signs of things to come, the notion that black cats are inauspicious is one that is rather up to date. It goes back to the Middle Ages, when nearly all thought that witches exist. In addition, they had the opinion that a witch could transform into a cat and that every time, black was the color that was selected. This opinion translates into the idea that if you were to come across a black cat, it might be a witch’s masquerade and that could only bring ill fortune.

Nevertheless, all cats were holy to the goddess Isis in Egypt during the olden days. A cat was used to stand for her daughter Bast, who was rather mighty in her own right. And out of all true felines, the black ones were deemed to be the related to an incarnation of the goddess itself most intimately. Anybody who murdered one, whether intentionally or not, often died for his violation.

A black cat can bring good luck occasionally and are considered as extremely lucky in Japan. According to American traditional customs, if a black cat arrives at your doorstep, it brings good luck to the family. Sailors have no doubt about the fact that a black cat on board of the ship will guarantee safety throughout the trip. For years, sailors’ wives have taken in black cats to ensure that their husbands will return free from danger or injury. 

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