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December 15th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Everyone’s life is filled with memories. Your past memories define the present "you". If you cannot remember your past, you will not feel that there is a "you" around.

What Are Memories Made Up Of?

If you think about your past, you can only recall bits and pieces of your past. No one can recall every moment of his life.

So what makes you remember those moments and not the other period of your life?

What you remember are moments filled with emotions. If there is no intense emotion at that moment, you are unlikely to remember that moment for life.

In the past, there is a great ancient teacher. Before he speak anything important, he would slap his student first and then speak. This helps his student to remember his teaching better because of the pain.

How To Forget Some Memories?

Memories can be happy or painful. Happy memories are worth keeping in your head but those painful ones are very torturing.

If memories are just charged emotions, you can remove the unwanted memories by removing the emotions behind them. There are 2 ways I used to remove the emotions behind the memories.

Release Technique is the fastest way I can remove my emotions. By applying Release Technique while recalling the unwanted memories, I quickly remove the emotions about that memories. When I don’t feel anything about the memories, that memories will soon be forgotten.

Before I learn about the Release Technique, I use NLP to help me forget the emotion.

  • First I imagine I am watching the unwanted memories on a movie screen in color.
  • Then I rewind the whole scene backwards, very fast in black and white. I need to rewind the scene backwards at least 10 times. If there is any speech, I will see the speaker swallowing back his words.
  • Now I will recall the same memories again. Usually my feeling become less intense. I would repeat the whole process until I feel nothing when I recall those memories.

When you do not feel about a certain memory, that memory will soon fade away with time.

Life is too short to have bad memories. Just take these bad memories as experience of life. Live happily.

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