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Spirit Of House

June 24th, 2010 . by admin

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Domovik is a spirit which many people in Russia believe inhabits their home. It is commonly regarded as the ghost of the family’s ancestor and is perceived as one who provides protection and brings good luck. He is always referred to as "Grandfather" or just "He" and is characterized by a bearded old man. People consider it bad luck to give a domovik a proper name.

The spirit resides in the kitchen, behind the stove. When a family moves into a new house, they will first move fire from the old stove in order to make the domovik feel welcome in his new surroundings. Besides blessing the family with good luck, the domovik will also help out with household chores. Although he is generally an amiable spirit, he can have quite a temper. When he becomes displeased, he is known for making disturbing noises and even rearranging furniture at times.  Some domoviks are known to have such nasty tempers that some have displayed their extreme displeasure by setting fire to the house.


Fisherman’s Luck

June 17th, 2010 . by admin

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In New England, many professional fishermen will follow a customary routine before leaving port in the morning. They will insert a coin into a cork and set if afloat as offering, hoping that this will help them secure a good catch at sea. In other parts of America, fishermen make it a point to return the first fish they catch back to the sea in order for their luck to continue. Every fish counts in the South. Therefore, the first fish is hung from a tree. Some fishermen will spit on the bait in the hope to get lucky. Most consider it unlucky to reveal the number of fish they have caught if someone asks them for the number of fish caught. Many also believe that if you change poles during a day of fishing, bad luck will follow.

Horse Of Luck

June 10th, 2010 . by admin

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Horses play an important role in the advancement of civilizations. Perhaps because of this role, horses have been considered a symbol of luck in almost all civilizations known to the world. Figurines of horses or the horse head have been used as charms and amulets to assist the wearer in rising to greater heights of achievement and happiness. Today in the east of Europe, people still believe that if you meet a pinto horse face-to-face, a wish of yours will be fulfilled. However, these people also hold the belief that if you have eye contact with a horse that is all white, bad luck will befall unless you spit three times over your left shoulder immediately.

Luck Has Horn

June 3rd, 2010 . by admin

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Animal horns are similar to crescents and charms in the form of animal horns are believed to have the same power to offer protection against the evil eye. Horns are considered one of the top most effective bringers of good luck because of this special power. Many cultures all over of the world believe in the horn’s powers to bring good fortune and it is one of the most ancient objects to exist in the world of luck.