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Color Therapy

January 15th, 2010 . by admin

Color therapy explains the special connection between color and emotion. Your idea of happiness is reflected in your choice of clothing color or colors that constantly attract you. On the same note, colors you dislike can provide clues to problems to be resolved in order for you to attain inner piece and become a happier person. Our lives can be more physically and spiritually fulfilling through the well-informed use of color.

If this color attracts you, you love attention and enjoy being in the limelight. Sometimes you can neglect the feelings of those around you. You derive happiness from adventure and excitement. If you dislike red, you are likely to be fearful of rejection and defeat. Learn how to conquer your fear and inject your life with red energy.

People drawn to this color are naturally loving and sensitive. However, they are dependent on others for emotional support and should do themselves a favor by learning to be more confident. If you shun pink, you may find that you are overwhelmed by ill-feelings towards one or both of your parents. You will need to acknowledge and face these issues.

Orange or peach
If these colors attract you, you are probably full of energy and determination. Keeping yourself busy and engaging in activities makes you happy. If you dislike these colors, it could be an indication that you are mentally or physically exhausted.

If you like this color, the company of happy and active people makes you happy. If you dislike yellow, it is likely that you are burdened by the feeling of being helpless.

If you like this color, you are probably most comfortable when observing people while keeping a distance. You conceal your strong emotions from others. People may find you aloof. If this is true, a touch of yellow on your attire will aid in the communication of your emotions. If you dislike green, it shows that you may have felt lonely or disappointed during a certain point in your life.

If you are attracted to the color blue, you enjoy independence in working life or being the leader. It is important to set aside time to relax and rejuvenate yourself. If you shun blue, it is likely that you value a high position and honour and there is a long-standing fear of losing either of the above.

If you prefer this color, tranquility sets in when smart people surround you. You are in admiration of their personalities and are excited by their ideas. However, listening to others and forgiving their mistakes is a virtue you need to learn. If purple turns you off, it indicates a barrier. You feel that you are controlled and therefore constrained by someone. It is also likely that your creative juices are being obstructed from flowing freely.

Wearing white shows that you like being simple. This classic color also reveals that you like people to take notice of you. If you are averse to white, your fear is that of being separated from the one you love.

Wearing black demonstrates that you have control over the situation and power is in your hands. However, it can also be worn by someone to hide his low self-confidence. If you shun black, there could be a hurdle in your ability to lead that needs to be overcome.

Your Name And Love

January 1st, 2010 . by admin

This is a general guide to your love life. Don’t believe everything in this article but if you do believe, you can change the name that people call you and change the name you call your spouse to improve you love life.

Name Start With A
These people are good-natured. Their wittiness attracts people of the opposite gender. However, they should not be impulsive and make rash decisions. Their love life starts at a young age.

 Name Start With B
People whose names begin with the letter “B” are relatively introverted. They tend to be followers rather than leaders. Although they are meek, they are also perfectionists.

Name Start With C
Often, these people have low self-esteem. They make up for it by getting involved in various romantic ties. They embrace change. However, they tend to pursue and be overly active in sexual and lewd activities.

Name Start With D
Generosity is their key trait. They are also romantics who lavish their partners with love and attention. They should, however, not let their jealousies get out of hand.

Name Start With E
These people enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with speed, thrills and adventures. They see things from a sexual point of view. Their relationships are often uninhibited and filled with intensity.

Name Start With F
Although they avoid public displays of affection, these people have feisty and passionate relationships. It is not a problem for them to be loyal to their partners.

Name Start With G
People whose names start with the letter “G” are reserved and inhibited when it comes to matters of the heart. However, they also have a sensual side. Although they are more restrained, their lives appear to be flooded with love affairs.

Name Start With H
These people do not make plans and live for the day. As lovers, they are caring and responsible.

Name Start With I
Their love-life is filled with cheer and emotions. These people loathe playing emotional games and favor a straightforward approach. They should keep check of their emotions and not let their love life be stained by their moodiness.

Name Start With J
These people are honest and direct. However, they should take care to ensure that the feelings of their loved ones are not hurt by their words. They are cheerful people who will bring joy to their partner’s life.

Name Start With K
They are attractive and romantic partners. However, they are overly active when it comes to sex and they tend to scrutinize the way their partners behave. They need to curb this inclination. In love matters, their mothers or grandmothers are a great influence.

Name Start With L
These people enjoy being in love. To be able to find gratification, they need to be less self-centered. They should also resist the tendency to dominate the relationship.

Name Start With M
These people have difficulty when it comes to expressing their adoration. They are faithful romantics who are in a constant search for true love. However, this is likely to come only at a later stage in life. In their love affairs, hearts and souls meet.

Name Start With N
They are energetic and full of vitality. They organize grand activities but trivial details can frustrate them. People whose names start with the letter “N” need to be reassured all the time.

Name Start With O
These people attempt to be good partners even though they are fickle in nature. Foreign cultures intrigue them. Therefore they are likely to be romantically involved with people who come from a foreign land.

Name Start With P
These people adore beautiful things and pick partners who are attractive. Honesty and loyalty are their key traits. If a divorce is imminent, they will certainly try to salvage the marriage first.

Name Start With Q
From the outside, their looks appeal to others. However, a lot of them are plagued by low self-worth. As such, secret rendezvous and extra-marital affairs are common among them.

Name Start With R
These people look for partners who own traits which they themselves do not have. Their passion for love drives them to find life partners who will stand alongside with them as they experience life.

Name Start With S
Often, these people are pro-active when it comes to love. For them, an up-front partner would be good for a change. They are loyal partners and can be inhibited when interacting with the opposite sex.

Name Start With T
These people are romantics at heart. They take pride in the achievements of their loved ones and appreciate the finer things in life. But, they can be distrustful partners.

Name Start With U
These people show others sympathy but can be childish in love matters. They strive to gratify their loved ones even if means sacrificing their own happiness.

Name Start With V
These people do not have the courage to approach people of the opposite sex and the maintenance of their public persona is important to them. They are supportive partners who will not tolerate humiliation of their loved one.

Name Start With W
These people believe in being passionate and sensual. They are enthusiastic lovers who will not harm their main relationship even if they have secret liaisons. They do not have bad intentions and will try not to hurt their partner.

Name Start With X
These people keep to themselves until a compatible partner comes by. After this, they are the focus of attention at parties and events and bask in the attention of their lover. They are cautious of being made used of by others and can be jealous lovers.

Name Start With Y
They are egoistic people who dominate their partner in any relationship. They adopt a wary and sluggish attitude in love. Their self-centered behavior spells danger for their relationships.

Name Start With Z
They are thoughtful and caring people who interact very well with the opposite sex. They stand to gain from secret love affairs. At times, women are perceived to be promiscuous although they are generally domesticated.