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Feng Shui White Color

September 24th, 2009 . by admin

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White is deemed as having uttermost wholeness among all colors. It is almost immaculate and absolute. In spite of that, in some cultures, like in China and for ages in Europe, white signified sorrow and the end of life. It is still conceived that demise comes before existence or that existence is a component of that after life and in a manner, every birth is a resurrection.

Because of the fact that white holds favorable connotations, it is incorporated in inaugural commemorations. White means purity and honor, everlasting enlightenment, complete veracity, triumph, the absolute metamorphosis and long lasting dignity. Several people hold the view that white represents entirety and soundness, the paragon, and elegance. Similar to that in the West, perfect white is related to purity and celibacy.

White offsets the effects of all other colors and is immaculate. While selecting white color can suggest an indecisive individual, it can also mean the availability of all prospects.

In feng shui, white is the color designated the west, towards the feng shui element Metal, and illustrates autumn and dusk, and is also emblem of decline.

Feng Shui Orange Color

September 17th, 2009 . by admin

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From the combination of the colors yellow and red comes the birth of orange, a fun but lesser powerful color. Orange is a colour which encourages creative thinking in a thrilling and innovative manner. Though not quite as sizzling as the colour red, it still reminds one of bonfires at camps or bright fires set up at fireplaces to warm households. It is also a friendly colour which spells joy and great companionship.

Orange has many adjectives linked to it as well. For instance: mature, wholesome, energetic, affectionate, dry, comfortable, autumnal, outgoing, youthful, fresh, dazzling. The intensity of the color orange determines whether it is a Feng Shui element Fire or Earth.

Feng Shui Pink Color

September 10th, 2009 . by admin

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The colour Pink is the colour that depicts femininity, gentleness, loveliness and togetherness. Being a milder shade of red combined with the colour white, pink blends together both male and female energies. It also signifies innocence, the blossoming of youthful love and the pursuit of love in general. In the country of China, pink is a much-sought after colour for bedrooms due to the notion that it sustains a blissful matrimonial lifestyle. As it is allocated to the feng shui element Earth, the colour pink is suitable with the colour brown as well.

Feng Shui Red Color

September 3rd, 2009 . by admin

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Red is an alluring color and is one of the first colors brought up in virtually all languages. Fire and blood are both things on which the typology of the color red is built upon. Red is captivating and implies sovereignty, strength, control, and victory. One is reminded of the color red when filled with feelings such as resentment, love and animosity.

Red is apparently the most powerful color, one that appeals to all for which it is utilized. Being a manful color, it is in contrast with the docile, mild blue and the pure white.

Red was the color of admirals and the privileged class in olden Rome. Bryzantine emperors were particularly dressed in red clothing, illustrating sovereignty and affluence. The idea that red was the color of life that would ward off ill powers was held in China, and consequently, it was employed for safeguarding purposes.

In ancient burial sites in China, archeologists discovered cinnabar and red chalk present in coffins, for the reason of believing that because of this present, they would stay amiable with the dead. Red is the color of the bride, signifying life, fortune and happiness. In addition, red is an important color on the Chinese stage. The actor whose face is colored red stands for a sacred person, and one among the three house gods, who is dressed in a red robe, is the prospering and superior god.

Red and green are characteristic colors in Chinese paintings in which both represent life and energy. They carry restorative and serene connotations because to be healed or remain in good shape, calmness and peace of mind are essential.

In feng shui, the color red is designated the south and the element Fire. It illustrates the hot season of the year and midday, and is also an epitome of springtime of life.