Living Lucky
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Living Lucky

Lucky Daisy

July 30th, 2009 . by admin

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In every place, little girls pluck out the petals of daisies and at the same time, utter "he loves me, he loves me not" with each petal. The most blessed girl will be the one who has selected a daisy that bears an odd number of petals because the last petal will be a confirmation of love. According to the Gypsies,  a girl is able to bring back a missing lover by sleeping with daisy root.

Life Is Like A Cup Of Coffee

July 26th, 2009 . by admin

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Life is like a cup of coffee. Coffee is bitter but almost everyone loves it. Life has many suffering but almost everyone loves to have life. People add sugar and milk to coffee to make it less bitter. Everyone adds variety to life to make life less boring and suffering.

Life Is like a cup of coffee. Coffee is so additive. Those who drink coffee everyday cannot live a day without coffee. Life is additive as none of us is willing to give up life.

Life is like a cup of coffee. To enjoy a cup of coffee, you must enjoy every sip. To enjoy life, you must enjoy everyday of your life.

Life is like a cup of coffee. Sometimes you like to drink coffee alone and sometimes in a group. Life is the same. Sometimes you like to be alone and sometimes with your loved ones.

Life is like a cup of coffee. There are many types of coffee just like there are many different types of life.

Life is like a cup of coffee. Coffee tastes best when it is hot. Same for your life. You are enjoying life when you are "hot" in luck, "hot" among your friends and "hot" in your career. Being "hot" is like the afternoon sun, strongest and brightest part of your whole life.

Next time when you drink a cup of coffee, reflect about your life.

Your Lucky Star

July 23rd, 2009 . by admin

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Let’s give thanks to our lucky stars. Why? This is because it has been an age old idea that each person has been designated a unique star of destiny. Up till the present, several people have the opinion that each of us has a star in the sky that bears his or her name on it. It gives off light at the person’s birth and darkens when he die. For the moment, it shows him the way through life and brings him good luck.

All charms bearing the shape of a star are deemed rather lucky. The pentacle is a widely adopted charm, which is a five pointed star. In olden days, people held the view that the pentacle was able to contain the forces of evil and make them lose their power. 

Lucky Pigs

July 16th, 2009 . by admin

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Gold amulets bearing the shape of pigs are considered by the Chinese to be able to bring good luck to every commercial enterprise undertaken. In addition, pig charms is said to bring good luck to the Irish. However, in the Irish culture, tradition has it that the charms must at least have one part missing, if not, they will not work as a lucky charm. Small pigs are well known souvenirs among tourists to Ireland, but these charms have a leg or an ear missing all the time.


July 9th, 2009 . by admin

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Angels are symbols of the unseen forces between heaven and earth. They are the best of guardians and bring good fortune. The early Hebrews think that seven archangels exist and that their names are written on parchment with red ink. This parchment became a blessed charm. In addition, they also believe in the unique protection of twelve other angels called the massolith and that each of them control thirty generals with thirty angelic divisions. Every division is made up of thirty leaders with thirty captains below them and each in turn with thirty angels to control. The Hebrews think that these angels are the protectors of the land of Israel. Presently, many think that every person has their own individual guardian angel to direct us out of the way from wrong and into God’s sacred ways.

Beginner’s Luck

July 3rd, 2009 . by admin

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Everyone who really believes in luck will not be skeptical about the idea that there is an extraordinary sort of luck specially meant for starters. A mankind’s earliest conviction has it that whatever brand new is simply more desirable by nature. And this translates into the idea that somebody who is fresh at contests of chance will often perform more desirably at the first attempt. His performance will eventually tend towards the norm by nature, and it will not be as fascinating as the initial victory even if his luck remains.

In England, soccer is referred to as "football" and is treated as strict business. The initial warm up attempt by a team prior to the match is to transfer the ball in a serious manner from the most senior to the most junior teammate, in the belief that the beginner’s luck will do in favor for the entire team.