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Understanding this law can make you richer

February 1st, 2009 . by admin

Read to me :

Life is governed by cause and effect. Every cause will produce an effect. Whether you understand the law of cause and effect, you will still be affected by the law.

Some cause and effect are simple. When you eat, the effect is you will have energy and need to go to the toilet to pass out the waste. When you place your hand in the fire, the effect is that you will get burnt.

Other cause and effect takes a longer time. When we cut down trees and burn a lot of fossil fuel, it take a long time to see the green house effect. You must have done good deeds in the past lives that lets you be one of the fortunate users of the internet. In some countries, the number of internet users is less than 1% of the whole population.

Does this law really work?

You study hard for your maths test and failed. You work hard at your job but miss the promotion. How can this law of cause and effect works.

Perhaps the cause is wrong. People who only read maths book will fail maths. But people who do many maths problems will pass maths. People who work hard like a cow, will not get promoted. Bosses only promote people who can make a lot of money for the company, solve the boss’ problem or is the pet of the boss. Somehow working hard is never the cause of all success.

If a certain cause never reaches the effect you desire, then it is time to change the cause. It is like a fly banging itself on a closed window, trying to get out. The window is closed so no matter how hard the fly try, it won’t get out. The fly has a better chance trying on another window.

How To Make Use Of This Law?

We tend to focus on the effects. We want to be successful. We want to have a lot of money. We want to have a wonderful life. Success, money and good life are effects.

If we create the cause, we will get the effect. Learn from those people who have create the effect that you want. Learn the methods and duplicate the effect.

If you want to pass your exam, learn how to study each subject the right way. Passing exam is not about how long you read the text book. Ask your teacher for the right way to study that subject.

If you want to get rich, learn the ways that other people get rich. Some people get rich by getting higher qualification, playing office politics and climbing the corporate ladder to higher management. Some people get rich by cooking well and selling tasty food.

Life is like a soccer game. You need to follow the rules to win the game. If you decide to change the rules of a soccer game and start running around with the ball in your hands or kick the ball into your own goal post, you will never win.

To make full use of the law of cause and effect, you just need to do 3 things

  • Focusing on creating the cause, the effect will take care of itself.
  • Learn how people create their success and you can duplicate the same success.
  • Change the cause when the effect is not what you want.