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Root Of Your Problems

November 26th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Life is filled with problems. Everyone in this world has problems. You have your own problems. Your parents have their problems. Your spouse has his/her problems. Your children have their problems. Even your enemies have their own problems.

However, there is only 1 place on earth where the people living there, has no problem. It is not the old folks home because even old people have their fair share of problems. The place where people have no problem is the cemetery. Yes, only dead people have no problem at all.

When does your problems start appearing?

 Your life started out as a child without any problem. When there is food, you eat. When there is water, you drink. You have a carefree life in your early childhood. Can you remember when you start to have problems?

Your problems start to appear when you have desires. You start thinking of what you want and then you start seeing problems around you. You may have problems as young as 5 years old when you want toys that other children have. When you grow older, you start comparing yourself with others and create many desires. This increases the number of problems you have.

Desire Is The Root Of Your Problems

A river or the sea can be very beautiful to you but when you want to cross it, that river or sea becomes a problem.

Your parents are the most loving being to you. When your parents cannot give you what you desire, your parents become a problem.

You started your job happily. When you start wanting something different from what your job is offering, this job becomes a problem.

You married your spouse lovingly and happily. When you decide to change your spouse’s behavior, your spouse becomes a problem.

If you examine your life’s problems carefully, all your problems are attached to desires.

What can you do?

Having many problems in life is no fun. A life with a lot of problems, is very heavy and miserable.

Although it is not possible to get rid of all your problems, you can get rid of many unnecessary ones. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you want this problem solved? Find out the real desire behind the problem.
  • Will someone die if this problem is not solve? Is it a life and death problem?
  • What other options can I have to satisfy the real desire?
  • If you still want the desire, what steps can you do today to move towards achieving your desire?

For example, many of us have a problem of not having a big house. By answering the questions above, you will know that the real desire or purpose of having a big house is to show off to your peers. Failure to show off to others will hurt your pride but it is not a life and death matter. If you still want to show off to your peers, show off in other ways that you are better than them. No one will win in every way. Now your problem either disappear or become smaller.

Controlling Desire

Desire rises from a noisy mind. We can reduce the number of problems in our life by controlling the number of desires that our mind gives us. Quieting our mind is the best way to control the number of desires that arises. Fewer desires, fewer problems.

  • Meditation is a great way to control our mind and make it quiet. Just sit down in a quiet spot of your room. You need not sit on the floor but you can sit on the chair. Sit up straight and don’t lean on the chair. This will keep you from falling asleep. Keep your eye totally closed or partially closed. I find that keeping my eyes partially closed, prevent too many thoughts from arising in my mind. Then you focus on your breathing. Everytime you breathe in, say "In" in your mind. Do the same when you breathe out. Don’t use your mouth to say "In" or "Out" but say it quietly in your mind. If a thought or a voice arises, just say in your mind that it is a thought or a voice. Don’t analyze, argue or follow the thought or voice. Just let it go and focus back to your breathing. Start meditating 5 minutes per day. Slowly increase the time. If you can meditate without thoughts for 45 minutes, your mind is within your control.
  • I found another way to quiet the mind very fast. It is called the Release Techniques. If you check your thoughts, it is always backed by emotions. The greater the emotions, the stronger are your thoughts. Release Technique helps to kill the emotion attached and when there is no emotion, the thought just become blur and soon you will forget about it. Same applies to desire and memories. Due to the copyright protection, I cannot describe the method here. This technique really helps me to control my emotions. You can buy the Abundance Course book or audio here.

A noisy mind produces many desires while a controlled and quiet mind will produce few or no desire.

I am not telling you not to have desires. Only dead people have no desire. Just control the number of desires in your life. Concentrate on the few important wants in your life and make them into goals. Do steps to get what you want. Don’t just sit there wishing for it.

Most important, life is too short to have too many problems. Live happily.