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Bamboo Luck

October 30th, 2008 . by admin

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In the east, bamboo is always considered as a lucky plant and make a great gift to anyone. Feng Shui experts believe that bamboo is lucky because it has all five elements to make you lucky.

  • Wood : the plant itself
  • Earth : what holds the plant
  • Water : water used to keep the plant alive
  • Fire : red color used to decorate the plant
  • Metal : a coin that sits at the base of the plant

In Indian, people use a piece of bamboo with 7 knots as an ingredient to make a strong talisman to bring power and wisdom. First two circles with triangles are drawn on the talisman and then the seven-knotted bamboo is placed across it. A representation of snake is then placed at right angle to the bamboo. The circles is the sign for eternity and the triangles stands for the Hindu Trinity (Brahma, the creator; Vishu, the protector; and Silva, the destroyer). The snake represent wisdom and the bamboo represent the seven degree of learning in the fundation of Hindu religion.


Ladybug Luck

October 10th, 2008 . by admin

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It is consider good luck to have a ladybug landing on your sleeve. When a ladybug lands on you, money will come your way. If you kill it, money that you already have will fly away.

Americans and Europeans believe that it is good luck for a ladybug to land on you and flies away.

In Canada, people make a wish and whichever the direction the ladybug flies away is where your wish will come true.

Central Europeans and some Swedes believe that if a ladybug crawls across a maiden’s hand, she will be married soon.

In England, each spot on a ladybug means a lucky month to come.