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Frogs And Toads

May 29th, 2008 . by admin

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Frogs are a symbol of inspiration and fertility to ancient Egyptians and Geeks. The Romans believes that frogs will bring good luck to the household. The Chinese uses 3 legged toad objects in Feng Shui to attract wealth.

Charms and amulets shaped like a frog is said to help to find true friendship and lasting love.

Even now, the fashion world still use an ornamental loop and fastener called a frog, sewed on a coat  because its original design was created by people who believe that frogs embroidered on clothes bring good luck.

Character Is Destiny

May 23rd, 2008 . by admin

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Most of us have this supernatural ability, the ability to foretell a person future just by looking at the person.

How many times have you look at a person and straight away, you can tell whether this person is going to have a bright or lousy future? This person may be your neighbour, your friend, your colleague or even a stranger. Just by watching his/her character, you can already tell his/her future.


Perhaps you have heard about the sentence "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going .". For some people, when the situation gets tougher with more problems and obstacles, that person become more determined to solve it.

There are many such tough people in the past and living in the present, one of which is Olivia Lum, the CEO of Hyflux company. She is an orphan and adopted at birth. The woman who adopted her is an old lady who later gambled away her house. At the age of 15, Olivia came to Singapore, penniliess, looking for a secondary school. She managed to work part time and support herself through 9 years of schooling until she graduated from university in 1986.

Read More About Olivia_Lum

If you are in her shoes, what will you do? Your character will determine what decision you will make. Each decision you make in your life, determine the result you will get. You are now what you are because of the decisions you have or have not make in the past. Making no decision is a decision itself.


There is a saying that most family business will not last more than 3 generations. The first generation build the business from scratch. The second generation maintain it. The last generation squander it.

The first generation experience the hardship of building the business. The second generation saw how hard their fathers build the business from scratch. The third generation is born rich when the business is successful. The last generation never experience hardship and take everything for granted.

Your past experience shapes the way you see things. If you comes from a poor family, you will see money as very important. If you come from a rich family, you may not value money as much as a poor person.


Different people values different things in life. Some people like women values their family more than their jobs. People start valuing their health when they are sick.

What you values will determine the decision you make in life. A person who value money more than his pride, may betray his friends, family or even his nation for the sake of money. A woman who highly values his family, will find a job that will not affect her family life.

Different people with different values, will see things differently. The same event means differently to different people because of different values in each individual.

Fate = Character + Experience + Values

Whether your fate is good or bad depends on your character, your experience and your values. Your decision in life are affected by these 3 factors. 

A woman who is bought up in a traditional family where the father is the bread winner and the mother is a housewife, will value family more than work. Her childhood experience tells her to value family more than career. This woman will not become a career woman and she will not earn a lot of money.

Another woman who comes from a family where her mother is a career woman. She will in turn feel that her career is more important than a family. She may even marry a man who can take care of the family chores.

Like making a cake, you can adjust the type and amount of each ingredients like eggs and flour, to make the most delicious cake. You, too can adjust your fate and destiny by adjusting these 3 factors : character, experience and value.

Like learning from others on how to bake a delicious cake, you can also learn from other people on how to make your life a successful one. Watch and learn.

Karma And Luck

May 17th, 2008 . by admin

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What Is Karma?

In Pali term,  Karma literally means action or doing. Any action or thought that is created intentionally, will create karma.

How Karma Is Created?

Whenever we perform any action or when we think any thought, an imprint is made upon our mind. When the same actions and thoughts are repeated, the imprint on our mind become deeper and deeper.

When we mixed our actions and thoughts with our emotions, the imprint becomes even deeper, depending on the intensity of our emotions at that time. Each emotion affects our state of mind which determine the type and intensity of the karma produced. If a person is very angry when he kills someone, his negative karma is much stronger than a person who accidentially kill someone because of the emotion felt when performing the killing.

Karma does not depend on the actions. The same action can create different karma for different people because of the intentions. A soldier who is going to war for the love of his nation and family, will create a more positive karma than another soldier that goes to the same war for hating the enemy.

Karma Is A Force

The strength of the karma increases with time until an opposing force is applied. The power of a negative action that will result in suffering, increase day by day if it is not purified. In the same way, a positive action also increase in strength as time passes.

How Does Karma Affect Us?

Stronger karmas bring more powerful result. A very strong negative karma will bring intense suffering. A very strong positive karma will bring extra ordinary happiness and good conditions.

Karma And Luck

You need good karma to fulfill your desires. When you have good karma, you get whatever you want. People with good karma, are often labeled as good luck. When bad karma ripens, bad things happen. This is often called bad luck.

How To Improve Our Karma? 

If luck is linked to karma, then by improving karma, you can improve your luck. How can you improve your luck? Simple, you just need to do 2 steps.

  • Purify Your Negative Karma
  • Increase Your Positive Karma

Purify Your Negative Karma

A negative karma will grow as time passes. A killing of a mosquito creates a bad karma, if this karma is not purify, it can grow into a big bad karma that can cause you to be injured or killed.

  • The power of object. Bow in front of a holy object and ask for forgiveness. By kneeing and bowing in front of a holy being such as Jesus, Buddha or any god of your religion, speeds up the purification of your karma.
  • The power of regret. All religions believe in the power of repent. If you sincerely regret of performing an action, the effect of your bad karma is reduced. The bible says "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.". Buddhists also believe in the power of regret. The Taoists and Hindus also repent and ask for forgiveness from their gods when they have done something wrong.
  • The power of opponent force. Perform any positive action with sincere regret to counteract the negative karma. Such positive actions can be chanting, reading religious texts, meditation and more.
  • The power of commitment. Make a promise not to do the negative action again. At first, you can promise not to do that negative action for 5 to 10 minutes. Slowly increase the time. Eventually make a vow to abandon the negative actions forever.

Increase Your Positive Karma

Increasing your positive karma is simpler. In short, you just need to do good deeds and positive actions. Simple? Then how come you have been doing good deeds and nothing good has happen or your good deeds never produce any big results. The reason may be the way you do the good deeds. To get the maximum amount of merits from doing good deeds, you need to have the following.

  • The Intention. As we know, karma does not depend on the action itself but depends on the state of mind at the time you are doing the action. The intention of doing the good deed will create the state of mind at that time. For example, the action of donating a dollar out of compassion to save people,  will yield more merits than giving hundred dollars to show off in front of other people. Actions motivated by compassion, love, generosity, patience, joy, pure morality and other positive states of mind, will produce good karma. Actions done out of negative states of mind like anger, attachment, jealousy, pride, fear, confusion and doubt, will produce negative karma.
  • Doing Everything With Positive Intention. Everyday we do many things without any intention. These actions without intention, do not produce any karma. Such actions include eating, drinking, walking and taking a shower. Why not create positive karma while doing these actions? You can create positive intention before doing each of these actions. Before you eat, have an intention to nourish all the living organism in your body with the food. Before you go to work, have an intention that you are going to work so as to have money to help the needy and donate to the gods. Having positive intentions before you do all these tasks will create positive karma for your future benefit.
  • Never Regret. The power of regret is very powerful enough to stop bad karma. It also have the same effect on positive karma. If you regret helping someone or donating money, your positive action is cancelled out by your regret. Always feel joy that you are blessed to have the ability to help others, rather than being the other way around.
  • Hide Your Good Deeds. After doing a good deed, many of us cannot wait to tell others about the good deed we have done. By telling others, we reduce the amount of good karma we will get because we are doing the good deed out of pride. Keep the good deed to yourself and the good karma will grow bigger as time passes like your money in the bank.

All Actions Are Not Wasted

All actions done, will not be wasted. Each action will generate karma depending on the state of mind at the time the action is created. The karma created, resides in your mind, waiting for the right time and condition to arise. The karma may take one hour, one day, one month, one year or even one lifetime to produce its effect. Every karma is like a seed, waiting for the right soil, right amount of water, the sunlight and the right climate to grow into a plant.

Whatever action you do, it will come back to you.

God And Luck

May 7th, 2008 . by admin

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Does God gives you luck?

People who believe in God, also believe that all blessings are given by God himself.
 The Christians believe that God is the one who creates everything on earth including blessings. The Taoists and the Hindus have Gods that are in charge of distributing wealth, fame and even babies through earthly realm.

How come I do not get the blessings?

Since God is going around distributing blessings, why some people got the blessing while others do not? There are people who get big cars and big houses while others live in poverty. There are people who get promotion, win lottery and even get whatever they wish for while other do not.

All of us pray the same way. All of us offer the same items to God. Then how come only some of us receive the blessing?

God Gives Blessings Indirectly

God stays in the spiritual realm. The realm that is formless. If He wants to create blessing for you, He need to make the blessing into the physical form. For example, if you are drowning in the sea and God wants to save you, God will not split open the sea to save you. Instead, He will send some boats to pass by you in order to save you.

In the same way, if God wants you to have riches, He will not throw cash right at your face. Instead, God will send people to you to give you money like your boss, your bank or even the stock market.

God always will give you same blessings in different ways that you can hardly imagine. In most cases, God hardly give you what you want in a direct manner.

What God Can Do For You Is What He Can Do Through You

Since God hardly give you things directly, it is up to you to look for what God has given you.

For example, God let man have knives and swords but it is up to man to learn how to use it. The cook use knives to cut up food. The bandits use knives and swords to rob people. The kings use them to conquer other countries.

In ancient China, there was a family that have a recipe for making a kind of water-proof cream that prevent frost bites during winter. Therefore the family could continue their labour in the field even in the winter. One day, a businessman came along and bought the recipe for 100 pieces of gold. The family were so happy for they had not seen so much money in their life. The  businessman took the recipe and presented it to the King of Wu. The king made use of this cream  on his soldiers. The king then ordered the soldiers to conquer a neighbouring state in winter time and won the battle easily because only his soldiers were protected from frost bite but the enemy soldiers were not. After the war, the businessman was rewarded with houses and lands.

The story shows that a simple recipe in the hands of different people creates different outcome. If the recipe was given to the family as a blessing, it is the businessman and the king who make the best use of it.

God can give many blessings but it is up to you to spot them and make the best use of these blessings to your advantage. What God can do for you is what he can do through you.

Learn to spot your blessings and make the best use of them. You will feel you are so lucky.