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Attracting Wealth With Video

October 13th, 2010 . by admin

People use visualization to achieve their goals. There is a simpler way. Watch wealth videos everyday to program your mind to riches.

Liaofan’s Four Lessons

June 5th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Download this book at this page. Click the link at the bottom of the page.

I came across this free book "Liaofan’s Four Lessons". It was said to be written by Mr Liaofan in the sixteenth century about how he changed his destiny.

When Mr Liaofan’s whole life was accurately predicted by a fortune teller, Mr Liaofan seems to loose interest in his life because whether he work hard or just idle away his time, he still got the same result as what the fortune teller had predicted. Then one day he understood what is destiny and found a way to change his destiny. He was predicted to be childless but he changed his destiny and had a son. He was predicted to be earn certain amount of salary but he used the method to get promoted and earned even more.

There are four chapters or lessons in this book.

  1. The first lesson of "Learning to Create Destiny" is about the Law of Cause and Effect.
  2. The second lesson, "The Ways to Reform" is developed from understanding cause and effect.
  3. The third lesson of "The Ways to Cultivate Goodness" is the primary lesson, that of cultivating and accumulating goodness. It is based on feeling regret and reforming our faults.
  4. The fourth lesson, "The Benefits of the Virtue of Humility" is the conclusion for the book.

 Although you may not totally agree with the book but you can try the method Mr LiaoFan used. The method sounds logical that it may even work.

Determine Your Luck Level

April 17th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

The first step in solving any problem is to know where you are. Knowing where you are enables you to know that if a luck improvement method you are using, works or not. Knowing where you are helps you to understand your situation better and therefore helps you in determining which area needs improvement first.

I am not asking you to check any palmistry, numerology or horoscope. You just need to do the following for the next 7 days.

  • Count Your Blessing : For the next 7 days, count your blessing for each day. Write them down in a small booklet that fits into your wallet. Counting your blessing helps your to determine the level of good luck in your life. Then why not count your unhappiness in your life? The reason is that your unhappiness may not be due to your luck. Your unhappiness can be created by your ego or your desire. If I start counting what I don’t have, the list can be very long depending on how greedy I am. Even the rich and powerful people have unfulfilled desires and cravings. It is just like eating chocolates. Eating a piece of chocolate may not satisfied your craving. Eating a box of chocolate will not even make you stop craving.
  • Compare With People Around You : This is the easy part. All of us are born with the ability to constantly compare ourselves with others. Everyday, every minute, we are comparing our body, our looks, our dressing, our house, our car, our children, our spouse and even our job with what other people have. Now write them down. For each item that you loose to the other person, write down something you win over him.  Maybe you feel your shoes are shiny than his. Maybe you feel your lips, head, hair, or even big toe looks better than his. Just write down anything you win over him,  for each comparison that you loose to him. A win is a win, no matter how insignificant it is. If you cannot find any winning comparison, look harder at him, his belongings, his friends and even his family. There must be something that you are better than him.
  • Compare With The Less Fortunate : There are these famous words : "I complained of having no shoes until I met a man with no feet.". Compare yourself with the less fortunate people you know. Search the internet for photos of people who are starving, illiterate, old, sick, insane, beggars and handicapped.  Many of us are blinded by what we don’t have, than to see what we have. This step will help you to see what you have : a normal look, a working body with all parts intact, a mind that can think, youth and more.

Counting your blessings everyday using the above 3 steps will be beneficial to you in many ways:

  • You will have an idea of how good or bad your current situation is. You will see that although your luck is not as good as you want, but it is not as bad as you think. This will boost your confidence.
  • You can judge whether the luck enhancement methods you are applying now or going to apply, works for you or against you.


Fishing Prosperity With Words And Thoughts

February 25th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Everyday you say many words and have many thoughts. Many feelings arises in you when you speak these words or think of these thoughts. Some of these spoken words and thoughts eventually become part of you as you keep on repeating them day after day. All your words and thoughts become an affirmation. An affirmation is actually anything you say or think.

Why Affirmation Does Not Work For You?

There are a few reasons why affirmation does not work for you :

  1. Affirm that it does not work : Some people says that "affirmations don’t ever work for me". This sentence is also an affirmation. Therefore affirmation works by not working for you.
  2. Proportion of positive and negative affirmations daily : Many people say 5 minutes of positive affirmations every morning and then think negatively or complaint for the next 23 hours and 55 minutes. Do you think these people will get any result from the the 5 minutes of positive affirmation? Don’t forget that a complaint is also a affirmation.
  3. You don’t want the change : Perhaps you don’t want what you are affirming. You may affirm to be rich but on the other hand you hate rich people. You think that rich people are evil and snobbish people. How can you become a person you hate by getting rich. To clear your negative feelings about what you want, you need to use EFT. Think of the advantages and disadvantages, likes and dislikes of what you want and use EFT to tap away the negative feelings. Many times, the main reason you are not getting what you want is that you subconsciously dislike the result.

If affirmation does not work for you, it is just that you don’t know how to use them correctly.

How To Get Affirmation To Work For You?

It is not your fault that you think negatively. Nobody taught you how to speak and think positively. When you grow up, everyone around you also thinks and speaks negatively.

If you drink poison more than 50% of the time, will you be cured? What happens if you stop drinking poison and start detox your body? Slowly and steadily you will get cured.

The same applies to affirmation. To get affirmations to work for you, you need to put in effort to achieve more than 50% of time, thinking and speaking positively. The more often you speak and think positively, the faster you get your mind fully detox.

Say your affirmation in the morning and before you go to bed. Put the affirmation in your wallet and on your desk. Say your affirmation as many times as you can through out the day.

What Are The Affirmations You Can Use?

  •  Everyday in every way, I am getting better, better and better.
  • I am a lucky person and I am feeling lucky today.
  • Money flows to me in every way and I deserved it.
  • I treasure every good that life offers me and I am getting more and more of them everyday.
  • I love life and life love me too.

Your Humble Servant

February 11th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Everyone of us has a humble servant. This humble servant serves us loyally, always seeking to make us happy and safe. He/she protects us from harm and brings us anything that will make us happy. He/She works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

This humble servant is known as our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is very loyal and will not forsake us in times of needs. It ensure that our heart pumps every second and other parts of our body works properly throughout the day. When there is a danger, it help us to react instantly without the need to think.

We Attract What We Are Happy About

This humble servant always seek to provide us with more of what we feel genuinely happy about. This servant wants us to be happy.  We must be truly and totally happy about something, then our faithful servant will bring them to us.

We Get What We Are Comfortable With

Our humble servant always ensure that we are safe and comfortable. Look at the pleasures that you do most often. Many of them are done because you are comfortable and feel safe doing them. You watch alot of T.V. because you feel comfortable watching them. If you are comfortable watching movies, you watch many of them. If you are comfortable with some friends, you go out often with them. Your servant is here to bring you all these pleasures that are comfortable and safe.

Why We Don’t Get Things We Think We Will Be Happy With?

There are many things you desire. You think that all these things will make you very happy. A million dollars. A new car. A big house. A new job.

Your humble servant may not bring these items to you because you are not comfortable or feel insecure in owning them.

You may want riches but you fear of being robbed. You may not feel comfortable with people asking you for money when you are rich. You may hate rich people and therefore your servant don’t want you to become a person you would hate.

You may want a new job but you may feel insecure moving into a new environment and serving a new boss.

You may want a new car or a big house but you may feel uncomfortable doing the washing and cleaning. You may have negative feeling about the loans you will be supporting. Then again, you may hate people driving big sports car or live in big mansion and therefore your servant prevents you from becoming someone you hate.

Your servant will not make you insecure or unhappy by realising your dream. When there is conflict in what you want, the servant will protect you by not realizing your dream.

Try looking at a hundred thousand or a million dollar note. If you are given so much money, how will you truly feel? Quiet down and ask yourself what you truly feel. Some people will feel that they don’t deserve it while other will feel that such thing will never happen to them. In short, many people are not comfortable with that large amount of money.

Your Mind Can Be A Problem

Our subconscious mind never thinks and only wanted to ensure that we are happy and safe. This part of us is a zombie.

The main problem with this servant is that it does not think. When we laugh at other people’s misfortune, it bring us the same misfortune. When we are happy, creating suffering for our enemies, we get the same kind of suffering in the future. This is called retribution. It is not the fault of the servant. The servant just bring us things that we are happy about.

How To Correctly Use This Servant?

This servant is powerful and loyal. The only problem is that it cannot think. As long as we think correctly for it, it will serve us well. This is how we can get result we desire.

  • Rejoice in the good fortune of others: When we can be truly and toally happy in celebrating the good fortune of others, this servant will bring us this good fortune because it wants us to be happy. If you want to be rich, don’t feel angry or hatre towards those people driving sports cars or living in big houses. Instead, try to feel how great will it be for you to be in their place. Feel happy that these people can enjoy such good life and one day, you too will be able to do so.
  • Feel sad for someone’s misfortune: Our servant wants us to be happy and not sad. Being sad for someone else will make it remove such misfortune from our future life. If you cannot feel sad for your enemy’s misfortune, at least try to feel neutral.
  • Widen your comfort zone : Our servant wants us to be safe. Anything that make us insecure will be removed by it. Try to expand your comfort zone to experience things you wanted. If you want to be rich, read magazines created for the rich. Visit places that the rich will visit. Expand your friends to include the rich. As long as you are comfortable with being rich, you will attract wealth into your life.


Life Balls

January 14th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :


Everyone of us need to juggle many things in life : work, family, health, friends, and money. Keeping all the balls in the air all the time can be difficult because you and me only got 2 hands. Everyday we only get 24 hours. On bad days, 24 hours seems to be too long. On good days, these 24 hours is too short for us. So how do you juggle the balls in your life correctly?

 If you examine the balls, you will notice some of the balls are make of rubber and others are make of glass.

Balls of family and health are make of glass. If you drop them, they are broken. Always seek to keep these glass balls in the air all the time, whether you have time or not, whether you like it or not.

Other balls like work are make of rubber. You loose your job, you can always find another one. You loose your friend, you can find another one.  You loose some money, you can also earn it back. These rubber balls can bounced back when you drop them.

In my opinion, the priorities in life should be like this.

  • Health
  • Family
  • Money

Health comes first. You need to do something everyday to maintain or improve your health. Without health, you can achieve nothing in life. Without health, you cannot take care of your loved ones. That’s why health is so important.

Family comes next. If you think that family is no good, perhaps you never had any major setbacks in your life. When you have work problems or major health problems, you will find that a family is where you can fall back on. A family is also someone whom you can share your happiness with. Without someone to share your joy with, your happiness is not happy at all.

Money comes next but not the last. Other balls like friends will come after money. Money is needed to maintain the first two priorities : health and family.

I feel that by maintaining the priorities in this order, you will get the most benefit out of life. If you are unhappy about your life, look at how you prioritize your balls in life or which are the balls that are missing in your life.

Final Step : Take action

January 12th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Step 1 : How to know what you really what?

Step 2: How to make your desire very attractive?

Step 3 : How to make your goal reachable?

Step 4 : How to fill yourself with the energy to get what you want?

Step 5 : How to remove obstacles in your path to get what you want?

Final Step

Now that you have done step one to five. You know what you want. Your goal is so attractive to you. You have a plan of mini steps to take to reach the goal. So what is the final step?

The final step is to do it. Action is what that create the world. If God just think about creating the world, do you think the world exist?

You must take at least one mini step everyday towards your goal. The reason why you create mini steps of 15 minutes or less,  is to let yourself feel comfortable about taking one step at a time. If you do one step per day, you will have done 30 steps in a month. You are 30 steps closer to your goal. You can do more steps on days when you are more motivated but you need to do at least one mini step per day.

You also need to review your plan weekly or monthly. This review will bring you more insight of where you are now and where you are heading. You need to make adjustment if you are moving in the wrong direction. This review is critical to whether you can achieve your goal or not.

Good luck to whatever you want to achieve. Let’s make this year different from your last year. Let’s make your goals a reality.

Step 5 : How to remove obstacles in your path to get what you want?

January 11th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Step 1 : How to know what you really what?

Step 2: How to make your desire very attractive?

Step 3 : How to make your goal reachable?

Step 4 : How to fill yourself with the energy to get what you want?

Step 5 : How to remove obstacles in your path to get what you want?

Final Step

If there is no obstacle in life, then life will not be fun. Obstacles are there to make your life fun. If you think about obstacles are there to spice up your life, you will be happier and feel more control over your life. Anyway, the obstacles will be there whether you get angry at it or just laugh at it.

The Greatest Obstacle

You, yourself are the greatest obstacle. If you are not motivated to achieve your goal, you will never make it. Make sure the goal is what you want and not what others want for you. Don’t include goals that your boy friend, girl friend, family or parents want you to do. You must do a goal you want for yourself.

Tap your way to your goal

Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to remove unwanted emotions about achieving the goal or doing that mini step. You can download a free ebook on how to do the EFT at the following address. (basic EFT) (more advance EFT)

EFT also help you to remove mental obstacles such as you don’t deserved the goal or you have a fear of change. The reason why people always do the same things is because there are some advantages in doing it. One possible advantage for being poor may be you hate rich people or you have a fear of success/failure. One possible advantage of being fat is you don’t like party or you fear of change (changing your wardrobe, changing your life style).

Only when you feel good about your goal, you are unstoppable.

Ask those who have achieved it

When you find yourself stuck, it is good to ask someone who has achieve the same goal. Don" ask someone who label themselves an expert but they never achieve the goal you want to achieve. Don’t ask an weight lost expert who is fat himself. Don’t ask which car to buy from a person who don’ have driving licence. Search the forum in the internet for advice.

Ask God

When no one can help you, God can. Napoleon Hill, the famous author of "Think and Grow Rich" mentioned that many successful people have very strong religious background. When these rich and successful people meet with obstacles, they turn to God for strength and solution. Have faith in God. Don’t expect immediate result. God has so many people to take care of so your answer may come a bit later.

Step 4 : How to fill yourself with the energy to get what you want?

January 10th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Step 1 : How to know what you really what?

Step 2: How to make your desire very attractive?

Step 3 : How to make your goal reachable?

Step 4 : How to fill yourself with the energy to get what you want?

Step 5 : How to remove obstacles in your path to get what you want?

Final Step

So you have a plan. Now how to get the energy to achieve your goal. A plan without motivation energy is like a car without petrol, it will not get you any where. There are a few ways to energize yourself.

Think of the result

Think about how you feel when you have the final result. Think about how you feel and do when you have the money or have the dream car or slim down. Don’t think of the actions to do to reach the goal because thinking of the work you need to do is boring. Everyday day dream about your goal.

Wheel of fortune

Paste the photo of your goal in front of you. Paste the photo at your desk where you will see it everyday. If you want a car, paste the photo of your dream car in front of you. If you want to loose weight, paste the photo of the dress in front of you. These photo will remind you of your goals and give you the energy to take action.

Emotion Freedom Techniques

People are creatures of emotion. When we don’t feel like doing something, even God cannot make us do it.

Emotion Freedom technique is a well known skill used by many people to remove unwanted obstacles, feeling and pain. You can cure your headaches, phobias with it. The good part is it is free for you to use. You can download the ebooks from the following link.

Try it to believe it. I guarantee EFT works.


Affirmation may not be new to many people. You unknowingly say affirmations in the morning, before you go to bed and throughout the day. When you wake up and brush your teeth, you affirm "Today is a lousy day because I feel so bad". When you get a speeding ticket, you affirm "I knew this will happen to me". When you get caught in the traffic jam and you are late for your work, you affirm "Everyday is like that". When you go to bed at night, you affirm "Tomorrow will be another lousy working day". No wonder bad things happen.

Why not affirm positive things. One popular affirmation is "Everyday in every way, I am getting better, better and better". 

If you have use positive affirmation before and it does not work for you. The reasons to why affirmation do not work for you are :

  • You are too negative. You cannot expect to do a few days of positive affirmations and erase off all your negative thoughts you have accumulated for years. You need to do it more often and for a longer period of time to have any positive effect.
  • You need to affirm with feelings. When you affirm bad things, you affirm them with feelings and that’s why the negative affirmation works. In the same way, you affirm the positive statement with positive feeling and it will work too.
  • Use affirmation with EFT.  Another more advance free ebook about using EFT with choices is available at the link below. The affirmation works better with EFT.

Step 3 : How to make your goal reachable?

January 9th, 2008 . by admin

Read to me :

Step 1 : How to know what you really what?

Step 2: How to make your desire very attractive?

Step 3 : How to make your goal reachable?

Step 4 : How to fill yourself with the energy to get what you want?

Step 5 : How to remove obstacles in your path to get what you want?

Final Step

When your boss tells you to finish the 200 pages report by today, you will say it is impossible. Even if you agree to do it, you will not be willingly to do it because you know that it is not possible to do so.

The same is applied to goal setting. If you tell you mind, you want something unreachable, your mind will not be willing to reach it for you. You will not find any reason to do it.

So how to make your goal seems reachable even it is a very big goal?

Slice up the goal

How do you eat your meal? You eat one mouthful at a time. How do you read a book? A page at a time.

Slice up your goals into mini goals. Then slice up the mini goals into  mini steps of 15 minutes or less. Now look at each mini step. Do you think you can do one mini step now? Of course you can. You feel you can. You think you can. Why? Each step only take 15 minutes and therefore you are confident of completing it.

Find a person who has achieve the same goal

Look around you or search the internet for anyone who has achieve what you want. You will feel a goal more achievable if someone else has achieved the same goal. This is especially true if the person is close to you.
If your father is a army general, you will likely to feel that you can also be a general. If your friend has successfully loose weight, you will feel you can also achieve your ideal weight. If you read about someone in the internet like Louise Hay who can cure herself of illness and help others to do so, you feel you are ready to be cured.

Find more info about achieving your goal

If you can get more how-to information about your goal, you will feel that you can achieve it because you already know the how-to. Search the internet or look for books on how to achieve your goal. Knowing how-to is winning half the battle.

Have a plan

Know what you want. Know where you are now. Now plan the steps from where you are to where you want to be. That is called a plan. The best plan is a written plan. As you are not going to achieve the goal within one day, it is best to write down a plan so that you can know the next step.

Another important question is how do you know that you have reach your goal. Having a goal to loose weight is too general. How do you know if you have achieve the goal to loose weight? Perhaps fitting yourself into the dress you want to wear, lets you know that you have achieve the goal. You must know what will tell you that you have reached the goal.



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