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Living Lucky

Launching of the new Living Lucky

October 11th, 2007 . by admin

Welcome to the new

In the new, you can expect the following new features :

  • Design : a brand-new design using auspicious color light yellow and red
  • Lucky Tips : Starting from next Monday (15/10/2007), we will start adding lucky tips gathered from all over the world in this blog page. In the future, we will include a subscription list for the lucky tips.
  • Dream Meaning : a searchable dictionary of dreams meanings for you to understand your dream
  • Dream Number : include a launch a database and a more powerful search program
  • Rune :added 3 new methods for predicting the future
  • Tarot : include the pictures of the cards

We hope that you will like the new design and features. We will continue to add new features include a feedback and suggestion page. We hope that you can continue to support us.